School admissions 2021


The International School of Modena is an IB World School catering for students aged 3 to 18 designed to meet the needs of local and expatriate children. The school accepts children without discrimination of gender, race, religion or nationality.

The final decision on acceptance and placement is taken by the Principal based on the following:

The final decision on acceptance and placement is taken by the Principal based on the following:

  • Reports and records from previous schools
  • The potential of the applicant to benefit from the programmes and educational services available
  • The capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant
  • Students with diagnosed learning or behavioural issues will only be considered for admission following evaluations by the school’s support services and an agreement with the family regarding the provision of any individual support which needs to be funded by the family in accordance with the Inclusion Policy
  • We will consider students from international families who are not proficient in English if we feel that over their projected time at ISM the student will be able to follow IB Diploma

Where we are in doubt about the suitability of our programmes for any applicant we occasionally admit students on a trial basis. In this case the targets and criteria for success will be clearly identified in writing before admission. The aim of the trial is to give a specific period to assess whether the student can be successful at ISM, ensuring that the trial is also short enough for him/her to transfer elsewhere if we find that our system is not appropriate for the student concerned.

Fill in our contact form or call: +39 059530649.


If places are available, a student may be admitted to the school at any time during the school year except as stated in Grade 12 and Grade 13.

The school reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant if the school cannot meet the applicant’s educational needs or to postpone admission if a class is full. In this case, the applicant will be placed on a waiting list.

Please follow the procedure outlined below in order to assist us in processing your application. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need any assistance.