High School Scholarships

The International School of Modena is looking for future changemakers to join our High School community. We aim to award financial support to a selected number of students who wish to access international education at the High School level. Learn more about the criteria for the High School Scholarship Programme and find out how to apply below.


Selection Criteria

To apply for the Scholarship applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • A High School student not currently enrolled in the International School of Modena (age 14 years plus)and applying for a place in Grades 10 to 13
  • Proven history of academic excellence
  • They must be competent in English, highly motivated to succeed and involved in school life to its fullest (e.g., extracurricular activities, leadership, charity service)
  • Have an excellent attendance and behaviour record

As part of your application, we require:

  • A letter of application outlining how applicant meets the criteria detailed above
  • A written statement with answers to the following questions: What is your motivation for applying? Why do you think you should be awarded with a scholarship?
  • Reports from applicant's most recent school
  • A satisfactory reference from applicant's current school

Application Requirements

Scholarship payments will continue until the recipients complete High School and as long as they meet the selection criteria. Recipients must also maintain high academic results, high standards of engagement and motivation, be actively involved in the wider school community (clubs, leadership, service, events), and demonstrate excellent attendance and behaviour.

There are no geographical restrictions. Please note that we will not accept applications from students whose parents are entitled to company discounts or have school fees paid as part of their relocation package.

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