Developing Talent and Ability

Sports and the Creative & Performing Arts are embedded in our school's curricula. Students can engage in additional clubs and develop their talents in the visual arts, drama, music, football, martial arts, Rugby, Basketball, and much more.

Beyond the classroom, children of all ages and abilities may also participate in the school's co-curricular programme and enjoy off-campus visits, specialist coaching and workshops.

We believe that aside from promoting good health and well-being, developing additional interests helps cultivate creativity and confidence, which are essential traits for those entering the modern workplace, regardless of their chosen career path.


Community Service

We believe in enabling students to be actively involved in the community. This sentiment is embedded across our programmes with service-based activities serving as a unifying aspect of education at our school.

We also offer school-wide activities that support our mission to develop internationally-minded, active global citizens. Service-based clubs include Model United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals, and both are highly popular with students.


Club Options

The availability of co-curricular places is dependent on student interest, and the subjects offered may change from year-to-year. Specialist-led activities are run by professional, experienced teachers or coaches and may take place either on campus or off-site throughout the week.

For more information about current extracurricular activities and club vacancies at IS Modena, contact our Admissions Team, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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