Preschool Education at IS Modena

Our Kindergarten in Modena, Italy, welcomes children from 3 to 5 years as they take their first few steps towards a world of discovery. We regard each young learner as a significant member of our friendly and caring community and value their contributions to the school. Children study an engaging early years curriculum that combines the IB programme with the Reggio Emilia inspired approach. 

Teachers recognise that the start of the journey into preschool education is a monumental step and nurture our youngest members in a safe, comfortable, and exciting environment from the moment they arrive. Families seeking a child-centred, boutique setting will discover our Kindergarten to be a highly recommended option for preschool English education in Modena.

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Why Choose Our Kindergarten in Modena?

Our Kindergarten in Modena department is defined by a friendly community of children, parents and teachers who collectively form a supportive unit. We have gained a reputation for offering the best infant education in Modena by providing an excellent curriculum, attentive care, and comprehensive support. We consider the child a ‘bearer of rights’ and a collaborative protagonist in an exciting learning experience.

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Programmes Designed to Maximise their Potential

At our Kindergarten, young children explore concepts in the programme syllabus and construct their own ideas while covering a varied and exciting set of topics. While working in small groups, teachers help children: demonstrate their knowledge through expressive, creative, verbal and mathematical languages; create natural connections between mathematics, science, digital technology and the expressive arts; and develop language skills within an authentic, immersive context. Imaginative, symbolic play is an important aspect of daily learning as it exposes children to the practical, fundamental skills they will need as they grow.

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Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach

The Reggio Emilia inspired approach to early childhood education offers a stimulating methodology designed to generate enthusiasm for learning while enabling youngsters to value it as a life-long process. We endeavour to ensure they acquire a broad set of foundational skills underpinned by a depth of knowledge in a personalised, exploratory way. We believe that all children are naturally curious and predisposed to learning. They are creative, imaginative, energetic and resourceful; therefore, the focus of education at this stage aims to capitalise on such natural inclinations by providing meaningful, authentic experiences that support and develop understanding.

Kindergarten Options

We aim to ensure your child has every chance to thrive. Young explorers gain a rewarding and enriching early childhood education in a private Kindergarten setting - ideal for parents seeking a local option for an English Kindergarten near Modena city centre.

IB Programme  
Kindergarten 3 yrs
Transition 4 yrs


Grade 1 5 yrs

Kindergarten Curriculum

As an integral part of the IB Programme, our Kindergarten curriculum follows a trans-disciplinary, inquiry-based methodology. A combination of the Sistema Italiano and IB programmes is delivered. Both programmes are taught side-by-side following the philosophy and practices outlined in the world-respected Reggio Emilia-Inspired approach, a child-based, exploratory learning system. As a result of this unique programme, children are responsive to new learning techniques and gain the confidence to apply their knowledge at school and in other areas of their lives.

At the Kindergarten-level, children are welcomed into a global community of students. Young learners benefit from a broad early years curriculum that is widely considered the most forward-thinking, avant-garde Kindergarten educational model in the world. It promotes critical thinking, cultural awareness and an internationally-focused perspective to help build a foundation for global success.

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An Engaging and Stimulating Early Education Environment

We believe children learn most effectively in an engaging and stimulating environment that cultivates core competencies at each stage of their development. We aim to encourage children to fulfil their potential in all areas and do this effectively in an enriching, creative Kindergarten setting.

At our Kindergarten in Modena, the early education we offer is enhanced by the unrivalled dedication to academic excellence at all levels and in all school settings. IB PYP Learner Profile outlines ten attributes that are taught, developed and encouraged in daily practices. Young learners are supported to become: Inquirers, Communicators, Knowledgeable, Principled, Caring, Thinkers, Risk-takers, Open-minded, Balanced, Reflective.

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Language Immersion

With a strong anchor to our Italian heritage, our English Kindergarten is proud to offer preschool language provision that caters to the needs of young children. From their very first day, our students are fully immersed in the English language context of our Kindergarten School and receive a well-designed language curriculum led by both English speaking teachers and internationally-trained tutors.

We are a fully-accredited international educational centre, and as such, the initiatives we have in place encourage the gradual acquisition of literacy skills to prepare children for linguistic fluency.

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Kindergarten Teachers

An experienced team of Kindergarten practitioners are the foundation of our high-quality provision at this critical stage. Each early education specialist we select has extensive knowledge of premium childcare practices and supports our young learners with a learner-focused methodology, following the Reggio Emilia inspired approach formed in Italy.

Teachers, learning support staff and tutors are dedicated to helping those in infant education explore new concepts. They aim to assist them in constructing theories individually and in small groups, offering an exciting daily adventure. To build upon subject material, our early education team implements longer-term inquiry projects and facilitates local trips to places of interest.

They are dedicated to the continual growth of our young learning community and liaise regularly with families at parent-teacher meetings.

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Kindergarten Facilities

Young children learn by building relationships with the surrounding environment and each other. The carefully planned Kindergarten facilities have been designed to reflect this commitment, with opportunities for discovery across our vibrant campus. The Kindergarten school facilities are well-equipped with the latest physical and digital resources to enrich the school experience of our youngest students.

Children are given time to enjoy the academic, creative, and sports facilities, which are complete with play-based resources that may be enjoyed in groups. Additionally, teachers support the development of inquiry-learning during the syllabus beyond the classroom setting with regular use of the Learning Resource Centre, dance and art studios, and the stunning sports area.

To introduce our youngsters to the natural world, lessons in the Kindergarten garden encourage curiosity about flora and fauna, enabling children to have fun in a safe and secure space.

Early Childhood Activities

A daily schedule of extra-curricular engaging, practical activities is delivered in response to the syllabus. After-school activities at the Kindergarten-level are short and make up a comprehensive, challenging, and fun variety of new experiences to empower new learners as they confidently build their verbal, academic, creative and practical skills.

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Kindergarten-Level After-School Activities Programme

The after-school activities (ASAs) extension programme is run mainly in the afternoons. These play-based sessions allow children to explore personal interests and participate in physical education pursuits to promote gross and fine motor skill development, such as bike riding, dancing, and ball games. Some ASAs may require additional fees, while many clubs and sessions are conducted on extensive school grounds and may be subject to a minimal cost.

Participation in the ASAs programme enables younger students to engage with the natural environment in meaningful ways. Activities provide childcare for busy parents after school hours and additional opportunities to learn English. Young children also have the chance to explore their creativity, strengthen their skills and boost their socio-emotional abilities with their friends.

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