Maintaining a routine for our students is crucial in helping them with stress management and providing opportunities for them to interact with their classmates will help with feelings of isolation.  Our amazing staff have worked incredibly hard to deliver outstanding lessons to our fantastic students in this new world in which we currently live in.  They have demonstrated their utmost dedication to their students and the school and along with this, developed incredible resilience in the face of adversity.  

Using a combination of virtual learning platforms, we have continued to deliver full lessons to our MYP & DP students since the very beginning.  We have also continued assessing our students and even ran virtual mock exams for our grade 13 students as well as oral examinations.  In early years and primary school, we have now developed more live lessons to engage our younger students to make sure that they maintain those important connections with their teachers and friends as well as continuing with their leaning journey.  

Our parents have also been incredibly supportive throughout our journey together and we thank them for their continuing support. Our school will get through this as community and we will come out the other side even stronger.

Please find below a brief article from our School Counsellor, Dr.ssa Fungi:



At International School of Modena, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings



The primary portals for online interaction will be Seesaw, which all Primary students already have access to and Zoom (for Early Years) which you will access by a link sent to you by email from your child’s class teacher.

All students are expected to engage each day with all of the learning tasks set. Teachers will be available via email / Seesaw from 08.30 – 15.00 each day this week to answer questions / give advice / feedback on work.

For Primary Students in pre-K-G1:

  • A daily ‘interactive’- group learning opportunity will be led by class teachers. This will be a ‘live’ relational moment that brings the children together as a group during which the teachers will lead the group in language and number activities as well as, songs and rhymes.
  • This will lead into a daily story telling opportunity conducted by the teacher or assistant.
  • Daily learning engagements in the following:
       - Language
       - Mathematics
       - UoI / inquiry projects

Teachers will share the tasks with you by email. Please send the child’s evidence of these learning engagements to the teacher by email who will upload them onto the Seesaw platform.
Where possible specialist teachers will set additional activities to be completed during the week. These activities will be available for students to choose from once other daily activities have been completed.
Meaningful, appropriate feedback will be given on a minimum of one learning engagement a day.

Parents should be aware that there will need to be a fair degree of parental support for the Early Years students in accessing the work. Teachers will also be sharing with you a list of the basic materials that children should be able to access.

For Primary Students in G2-G6

  • Daily engagements in the following will be posted:
       - Language
       - Mathematics
       - Italian 
       - UoI

Students should try to complete all work set each day, following the guide on timings. Students in Grades 3 to 6 can upload onto Seesaw the work that they have done. If Grade 2 parents are not able to upload their children’s work directly onto Seesaw, then please email it to Ms Grandi.
Specialist teachers will set either a UoI engagement for each grade OR an independent activity if they are teaching a stand-alone unit.
Students will be provided with feedback on at least one learning engagement per day. Feedback will come from both class teachers and specialist teachers.

Please let the class teacher know if for any reason your child is not able to carry out any of the tasks.

For Secondary Students in G7-G13:

The primary portals for interaction will be ManageBac which all Secondary students already have access to and Microsoft Teams which is a Skype/Zoom piece of software that allows a link to be sent and hold a class with multiple participants.

To use Microsoft Teams, teachers will send an invitation to students to their Office 365 email and students need only click on this link and enter the Class Team at the appropriate time to enter the online classroom.

The usual school timetable for each grade will be in effect.

School closure 
Expectations for learning – Secondary School (IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes)

MYP – Grades 7-13

1. Learning will proceed according to the existing Secondary School timetable in the form of online lessons, readings and tasks posted on ManageBac.

2. Each teacher will set up work for their class on ManageBac up to 5 minutes before the beginning of each timetabled lesson for that class.

3. Students will be expected to provide some feedback on work done in that lesson, so that teachers can monitor learning. All student work should be submitted on ManageBac by the deadline.

4. Each teacher will have an online conference call with each of their classes during the course of the week and during their regular lesson time.

  • This will be done through the conference call system called “Microsoft Teams”
  • Most lessons will begin with a live introduction, students should log into the relevant ‘class team’ at the usual lesson time, unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.

5. During the suspension of classes this week, teachers will be available for students to contact them with requests and queries for feedback from 8:30 to 15:10, Tuesday to Friday via email and Managebac.

6. If students fail to complete online engagements for sessions where they are present, teachers will as usual record this as ‘N/A’ (which will regrettably be counted as a ‘zero’ again as is our usual practice).

7. At present internal Diploma deadlines remain unchanged, and teachers will offer online support to Diploma students completing their Internal Assessment and any other form of coursework.

It is essential that all students, especially those in DP examination classes, engage fully with the learning experiences provided by their teachers. It is recommended that students be in a quiet space at home with their devices connected to the correct platforms from 08:30-15:10 (albeit taking the usual breaks of course).

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