Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Modena

Our Middle School in Modena, Italy, educates children aged 11 to 15 from grades 7 to 11. Students receive enriching, personalised tuition at this stage, in line with the IB Middle Years Programme.

Middle School students are encouraged to express their enthusiasm for music, sports and art alongside their academic studies, and as a result, they are empowered to take on the world with passion and enthusiasm for learning, both inside and outside the classroom setting.

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Why Choose our Middle School in Modena?

Our school's IB MYP syllabus enables students to connect their studies and the external world through practical, engaging and fun collaborative learning.

By connecting with local and global communities, our Middle School students receive a secondary education that encourages wide-ranging growth in their academic, physical and socio-emotional development. Importantly, as growing young people, students are also well-supported in applying their newfound skills to the many exciting inter-school and overseas opportunities offered to them as students attending an Inspired Secondary School.

Middle School Programme (MYP)

Our Middle School Programme (MYP) encourages students to take increasing responsibility for their learning by building awareness of how to use the knowledge and skills they acquire. One of the MYP’s objectives is to cultivate talent and academic maturity through independent study.

As the second step in the IB continuum, our specialist educators consolidate and build upon the foundation established at the Primary level. In addition to offering an exemplary education, our private school's Middle Years Programme supports children to become independent, internationally-minded, lifelong learners.

The Middle School curriculum features eight areas of study to form a balanced education. Autonomy is vital: students apply what they have learned and critically assess the information they receive as part of the middle years syllabus. At our school in Modena, children develop their intellectual capacities while enjoying broad-ranging subjects in first-class facilities, including modern science laboratories, IT suites and art studios.

As part of our comprehensive and challenging Middle School programme, students build a strong foundation of knowledge in the major subjects. The acquisition of skills and knowledge work hand in hand: our students become thoughtful, creative, and valuable members of the international and Italian communities as active participants in daily school life.

MYP system framework

The MYP Framework

The framework for the Middle Years course is centred on eight different subject areas:

Language & Literature: English, Italian (for native speakers)
Language Acquisition: French, Spanish, German and Italian (for non native speakers)
Individuals & Societies: History, Geography
Physical & Health Education
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Arts: Art, Music, Drama
Design: Product Design

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Middle School Language Immersion

Our school equips children with linguistic skills through English immersion. Although English is the primary language of instruction, the Middle School Language Acquisition courses, delivered by highly qualified teachers, aim to broaden vocabulary and fluency and to enable language proficiency in an additional foreign language. Our dedicated language educators introduce topics and concepts to students of all abilities through a multidisciplinary teaching approach, ensuring the consistent application of language-based skills.

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Middle School Facilities

As a premium international school, innovative education is a defining aspect of our provision. We believe that world-class learning is most effective when students have access to excellent facilities. Therefore, our Middle School division reflects our commitment to cutting-edge, modern practices.

Our modern Middle School facilities are designed to address the changing learning styles of children at this level. We encourage research during group and independent work in designated areas of the Learning Resource Centre, and engaging sports coaching is conducted in spacious outdoor and indoor facilities. Creative activities are led in top-class music and art suites, and our classroom facilities feature a wide range of digital and physical academic resources to prepare pupils for a digitally-advanced world.

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Middle School Teachers

Our team of dedicated, passionate educators are experts in their specialist areas. Members of the Middle Years academic staff demonstrate their knowledge and experience with great understanding of the curriculum and crucially, they are also sensitive to the social-emotional needs of our student body.

By forming a close network with parents, our teaching professionals enable their class groups to fully engage with each aspect of the national and international curriculums we offer. Student well-being is our top priority: permanent staff members and visiting support personnel are expected to uphold the highest levels of safety throughout the school.

Middle School Extra-Curricular Programme

Extracurricular activities play a central role in the success of our Middle Years education. An extensive extracurricular activities programme is offered to Middle School learners, emphasising the interdisciplinary nature of traditional and modern subjects and participation encourages students to gain a holistic vision of their studies while building confidence in their social, physical and creative skills.

At our school, children are nurtured, challenged and stimulated with exciting, engaging opportunities. Those in grades 7 to 11 enjoy an array of supplementary classes that provide engaging sports coaching, art tuition, academic support, and social interest opportunities.

Please note that additional classes may require a fee. For further information regarding the cost of extracurricular tuition, please speak to our Admissions Team.


MYP Activities

Additional Services in Middle School

Additional Tuition

In addition to a rich and varied after-school programme, our Middle School offers an extensive range of personal-interest clubs and homework supervision classes.

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Transport Service

Those travelling to the school from locations close to the school campus and neighbourhoods close to Modena city centre may use an external transport provider approved by the school. For further details, please direct your enquiries to the school.

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