Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Modena

Our Primary School in Modena, Italy, offers a holistic Primary education to children aged 6 to 10 from Grade 2 to 6.

Children joining the Primary Years Programme from within the school are well-prepared to transition to the Primary education level. Students joining us from other schools close to Modena, or other primary education systems, are also supported and warmly welcomed to this exciting stage of collaborative, topic-based learning.

IB Programme   Sistema Italiano
Grade 2 6 yrs Scuola Primaria
Grade 3 7 yrs  
Grade 4 8 yrs  
Grade 5 9 yrs  
Grade 6 10 yrs  
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Why Choose Our Primary School in Modena?

Our Primary School in Modena provision is centred on a transdisciplinary curriculum designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and taught in Primary and Elementary Schools across over 100 countries around the world. While undertaking the Primary Years Programme, young students are supported to reach their full potential academically and personally in a child-centred approach to learning and teaching practices.

Primary Years Programme (PYP): Essential Elements

The PYP’s four Essential Elements are outlined below.

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Key Concepts

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Languages Immersion in Primary Years

At the Primary level, our education aims to improve upon the skills gained in previous international language study. Fluent and experienced Italian and English-speaking teachers seek to enhance our students' appreciation of the English language through immersive learning.

Additionally, as Inspired students, pupils in Grades 5 and 6 of Primary education can enjoy inter-school competitions and tournaments with their peers who attend schools across Italy and in nearby Modena, enabling them to practise the conversational use of English and Italian in several settings whilst also gaining an appreciation of culture and global history.

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Primary School Facilities

With top-class facilities an integral part of our status as an innovative school, our diverse student body is encouraged to explore their interests during school hours in the sports, arts and learning environments. Clubs and group events may be held in the music and multimedia studios, and the inviting Learning Resource Centre offers high-quality digital facilities for those undertaking research and group work. This dynamic setting is a vibrant oasis that invites young pupils to begin working semi-independently under the supervision of library staff.

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Hear from our teachers: 

"We instil a passion for learning and discovery in our students beyond the school environment. With excursions to places of interest close to Modena city centre and further afield and access to a wide range of additional activities and clubs, we offer children an exciting environment in which they may learn English and gain a broad base of skills.

By encouraging them to learn outside the classroom boundaries, we help them build big dreams so that they can succeed as happy, confident and fulfilled young people. We believe that our school offers an exceptional education, unrivalled by other international schools in North Italy."

Co-Curricular Activities Programme in Primary Years

To supplement day-to-day in-class learning, creative arts and sports activities are encouraged at our school. Teacher and specialist-led co-curricular activities cultivate passion and enthusiasm for music, cricket, theatre, coding, and public speaking, among many other exciting opportunities. Additional tuition and clubs help children express themselves freely, allowing them to explore their individuality and unlock their potential.

Primary Years ASAs

Lunch breaks and afternoons are never dull at the International School of Modena! At the primary-level, students participate in a variety of additional practices as part of the core curriculum. In turn, they experience long-term benefits in their social, academic and professional lives. Furthermore, those who wish to join a lunchtime or afternoon club may discover talents and abilities that may be cultivated in years to come.

ASAs (After-school Activities) encourage children to make friends and use the skills they have gained in a different context. Teachers find participation in additional activities increases attendance and confidence as children navigate new opportunities for growth.

Children are encouraged to take part in the following:

Additional Services in Primary Education

Transport Routes

In order to reach the school, families may choose to request the school bus service provided by an external school-approved transport company.

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Healthy Meals

Our lunch programme ensures children are supported with a health-focused menu. Meals are served on a daily basis in our school canteen and are prepared with wholesome ingredients.

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