Maintaining a routine for our students is crucial in helping them with stress management and providing opportunities for them to interact with their classmates will help with feelings of isolation.  Our amazing staff have worked incredibly hard to deliver outstanding lessons to our fantastic students in this new world in which we currently live in.  They have demonstrated their utmost dedication to their students and the school and along with this, developed incredible resilience in the face of adversity.  

Using a combination of virtual learning platforms, we have continued to deliver full lessons to our MYP & DP students since the very beginning.  We have also continued assessing our students and even ran virtual mock exams for our grade 13 students as well as oral examinations.  In early years and primary school, we have now developed more live lessons to engage our younger students to make sure that they maintain those important connections with their teachers and friends as well as continuing with their leaning journey.  

Our parents have also been incredibly supportive throughout our journey together and we thank them for their continuing support. Our school will get through this as community and we will come out the other side even stronger.

Please find below a brief article from our School Counsellor, Dr.ssa Fungi:

wellbeing under quarantine




At IS Modena, the Virtual School programme will mirror the actual school day as closely as possible, including school timings





“From our part, we are infinitely grateful for all the support and effort all the teachers are putting there, we are never left without learning didactic material of all kind. This year's learning staff is really great, providing COMFORT and fostering self-esteem in the kids, also in the difficult conditions, unfortunately prolonged unexpectedly. A heartly salutation from our family.”

“A huge thank you to the very many members of the DP teaching staff who are supporting our children at this time. We are very appreciative of both the educational and pastoral care that so many teachers are offering our children”

“We are very grateful to all teachers who work very hard to maintain a good standard of learning, put together interesting and varied tasks every day and for motivating the children to carry on despite the uncertainty. We also thank ISM for their flexibility and speed in making adjustments to the teaching programme so that children can carry on working from home effectively. Thank you!!!!

“THANK YOU! I don’t think we would cope So well without the online school routine. I think the teachers are doing an amazing job. It’s nice to see the kids motivated and we all hope this situation will end very soon. We miss everyone so much

"I think the teachers are doing a very good job- they are patient and always very well prepared. I appreciate the effort a lot. And everything that was said above are suggestions and no critics. We are all lucky to have so much support from the school. Thank you and thank you also for asking us!"