Leadership Team


Marianne Valentine                                                                             EY Coordinator

"Within our Early Years department we create a creative and relational environment where children build successfully the foundation skills for thriving throughout life while honoring their right to explore the wonder of learning in a playful way. Learning in a full immersion language context from an early age allows our children to become confident linguists who are curious about language even before a more structured learning experience begins"

Jacky Payne                                                                                    PYP Coordinator

"The International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme gives our students a great start in their academic lives.  There is a focus on developing the individual's relationships in a safe, welcoming environment, where they have the autonomy to develop their interests and construct understanding of concepts that will help them to make sense of the world that they are growing up in"






Chiara Forti                                                                                  MYP Coordinator

"The Middle Years Programme builds on the foundations that the students have developed in the Primary Years Programme, while giving them greater autonomy and giving them the skills needed not only for the Diploma Programme but life beyond our school to enable them to be lifelong learners"

Caroline Searle                                                                                 DP Coordinator

"We are passionate about the International Baccalaureate and the many advantages it offers for students in their final years of secondary education. The combination of the IB Diploma Programme with the dedication and commitment of our teachers, developing essential critical thinking and independent learning skills, ensures our students are well prepared not just to gain access to Universities but to thrive and succeed once there"