What ISModena families say about us

“I think the overriding feeling from parents and certainly from me, is that you and your team are doing an excellent job. You have done the ISM proud by keeping school life going away from school.”
G1 & 3 Parent

“Thanks for strong work of you and teachers to guarantee classes for kids and for your passion: we are very grateful.”Grade 7 Parents

“We want to thank the Principal, the Coordinators and all the teaching staff for their extraordinary work, their availability, their support for our children.” Grade 9 Parent

“I would like to start showing my appreciation for the ISM efficient response to the constraints we are having these days. I’m deeply grateful for all the efforts the school is making to assure the progress of the students!”Grade 12 Parent

“A very quick word to let you know that we as parents are really appreciating your efforts in providing inspiring quality work for our child and to the whole class even in this difficult time. We also appreciate how quickly you adjusted to our requests, such as having the activities in the evening, which allows us to better plan the day for us.Your passion and involvement really shows, and we thank you for that.We might be in this for a while, so please keep up the good work.”Grade 5 Parent